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MongoDB Cheatsheet

23 May 2019

This is just an combination of the MongoDB related commands that I tend to use often Updated: 7/8/2019

MongoDB CLI commands

The following commands are supposed to be executed from the MongoDB cli:

Show the available dbs: show dbs

Shift the context to a particular db or create a database: use <db name>

Show available collections in a db: show collections

Drop a database: db.dropDatabase()

Create a collection (options are fittingly optional): db.createCollection(<name>, <options>)

Print all the entries in a collection: db.<collection name>.find() or db['<collection name>'].find() or db['<collection name>'].find().pretty()

Copy a collection: db['<collection name>'].copyTop('<target collection name>')

Delete a collection: db['<collection name>'].drop()

Insert a document: db['<collection name>'].insert(DOCUMENT)

Delete a document, given a criteria: db['<collection name>'].remove(CRITERIA)

For example if you are matching on the title key in the document: db['<collection name>'].remove({'title' : 'MongoDB'}}

Linux CLI commands

Export a mongodb collection to JSON: mongoexport --collection <collection name> --out <collection name>.json

Import a json file to mongodb collection: mongoimport --db <db name> --collection <collection name> --file <collection name>.json


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