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Cassandra Cheatsheet

19 May 2019

This is just an combination of the Cassandra related commands that I tend to use often

Cassandra CLI commands

The following commands are supposed to be executed from the cassandra cli:

Access cassandra CLI cqlsh [<hostname>]

Dropping a table DROP TABLE <table name>;

Get a replication strategy for a keyspace SELECT * FROM system_schema.keyspaces;

Alter the replication strategy or replication factor of a keyspace ALTER KEYSPACE "<keyspace name>" WITH REPLICATION = {'class' : 'SimpleStrategy', 'replication_factor': 3};

You would need to run nodetool repair -full for each node for an existing keyspace

List the tables in a keyspace:

use <keyspace>;

desribe tables;

Cassandra CLI Tools

Statistics about a table on a node

nodetool cfstats -H -- <keyspace>.<table>

-H provides a more human readable form


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