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Maven tidbits

Useful maven tidbits

Updated on: 11-03-2019

Using a local version of the dependency

Sometimes you just need to use a local version of the dependency rather than fetching it from the maven central repository. You can add a local repository by providing the path to the local repository folder by adding the following to pom.xmla:


Building a specific module

If you want to build a single module ‘B’ and the module required by ‘B’ then you can use the following command:

Golang snippets

Go code snippets and libraries

TL;DR Series: Research Papers

TL;DR Research Papers

So many papers, so little time. So, I am going to be writing very short summaries of research papers that I read. I hope that it will be useful for myself (down the road) and other people as well.

Setting up my site

Setting up my site

Took a long while to get to it but I finally managed to setup a blog site on a server I manage myself. In this post, I will explain how I got this site up and running.